Andi Pupato



Vit et travaille à Zurich Suisse
Andi Pupato is one of Switzerland most regarded percussionist. Over the last fifteen years he worked with top swiss and international acts and grammy nominated artists like Andreas Vollenweider, Chico and the Gypsies and ECM Recording Artist Nik Bärtsch's Ronin among many others. He's a internationally regarded performer for live concerts and studio recordings for jazz, pop, rock, experimental music and movie soundtracks.
He appears on at least ten swiss gold or platinum albums and was touring as a sidemen for different groups and projects various times in the US, Europe, Japan, Russia, China, Africa and South America, performing at renown Festivals like Montreux Jazz Festival, San Francisco Jazz Festival, North Sea Jazz Festival and many others.
He's mainly a self-taught musician but also studied at Art School Ignaci Cervantes and with Master Drummer Changuito in Cuba and with Master Percussion-Player Kounta in Senegal for longer periods.
Lately he's working also as a producer, recording engineer and mixer for various artists, music and film projects for Swiss National Television and record labels like Unsung Records, Panegyric, Unit and ECM Records.
His passion for openminded music and great experience leads him always to
new and inspiring adventures.


He played percussion on all Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin CD’s from 2002-2012 and also as a sound engineer he mixed and mastered various records from Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin/Mobile:
    Randori (2002)
    Live (2003)
    REA (2006)
    AER (2004) (Mixed & Mastered)
    Live-Recording of ECM-release Ronin Live 2012 2xCD-Album.
Several records from various Swiss Artists he played percussion on over the last years reached gold or platinum status, like: Seven, Marc Sway, Polo Hofer, Caroline Chevin, Gotthard, …
He played percussion on many movie soundtracks composed by Niki Reiser, like:
Academy Award Winner “Nowhere in Africa”, “Väter”, “Alles auf Zucker”, “Die weisse Massai”, “Gripsholm”, “Keiner Liebt Mich”, “Das Trio”, “Pünktchen und Anton”, “Maria, ihm schmeckt’s nicht”,  and many more.
He mixed and co-produced various records of the estonian Band UMA:
    Meeting Unknown (2012)
    Hymn To Undiscovered Land (2010)
    Slow Electric (2011)
    Eesti Metsa Lugu (2011)
Harald Haerter with Michael Brecker, Dewey Redman:
    Catscan 1 + 2

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